About Us

TIPPING POINT /tip·ping point/: noun

The point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change.

Tipping Point Gaming is engaged in the research, design and commercialization of aftermarket gaming equipment, systems and software applications. We enable casino operators to deploy new methods to market and engage their customers through their existing land based gaming machines as well as enabling them to maintain a consistent branded connection with their customers through the emerging internet, mobile and social gaming channels

TPG was founded by the same thought leaders who introduced an award winning system which disrupted and significantly changed how all the OEM’s think about server based gaming. TPG’s constant appetite for innovation, creativity and determination to further change the industry, not one change at a time but rather change at one swift moment in time, is what will enable the Tipping Point in Gaming.

#Team, #Disruptive

  • Sam Johnson

    Sam is the founder of Tipping Point Gaming and a serial entrepreneur with a 25 year track record of founding several cutting edge start-up companies. He has broad experience in all aspects of leading and growing high tech businesses from the ground up with a keen eye for innovative opportunities and rapid execution. He is considered one of the industries visionary, architect and leader in this emerging "picture-in-picture" category of server-based products to the gaming industry.

  • Rodney E. Hill
    SVP, Product Development

    Rodney leads TPG’s engineering team from the evolution of concepts, to development, certification and launch. With decades of driving development teams that have launched over 60 game titles, he was recently instrumental in developing three new product lines which quickly penetrated the gaming market.

  • Geoffrey Robbins
    Manager – Service & Installations

    Geoffrey, a well rounded tech savvy businessman, manages TPG's on-site service and installations; and is on call for corporate sales/marketing support.

Board of Advisors

  • Larry Enterline
    • Chief Executive Officer of Fox Factory Holding Corp
    • Previously Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of COMSYS Services
  • Peter Shoebridge
    • Founder and CEO of Blue Yonder Gaming Corp., purchased by TPG in 2012.
    • Former Vice President of engineering at Sona Mobile, Inc. and led the team that built the first wireless gaming system to receive GLI certification.