Boost-BI is an advanced analytical application that allows the casino operator to analyze the players betting habits each and every wager, truly allowing them to analyze, by player, how they react on specific events over a given gaming session. With the extensive data gathered from each and every bet throughout the players gaming session, operators can determine the behavioral changes of the player during a gaming session and make future business decisions on how they set their par-tables, bonus options, etc. on their games.

Further, Boost-BI can gauge the true value of a video poker player based on their true skill level determined by the decisions they make – How it works? The system determines the optimal strategy for the hand dealt to the player and the way the player plays out the hand can be compared to this optimal strategy to compute an error for this player. Thus for example if the optimal strategy results in an average return of 101% and the way the player played results in an average of 98%, then the player has made an error which cost him 3%. In the long run operators will be able to determine the players actual expected win based on their skill level. This can be very useful when fed into the operators decision systems as to which players receive marketing offers and / or adjust the offers based on their true theoretical / skill level.

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