Boost-Side Bets

TPG’s Boost Gaming platform offers simple-to-understand, real money, wager-based side bets that are designed not to compete with the experience of the main game, but to give players an additional boost of excitement. For players already used to multi-tasking, the Boost Gaming platform lets players enjoy an immersive, multi-wagering/multi-tasking experience. The Game-in-Game solution keeps players engaged by offering game choices mid-session during a player’s “lucky streak,” or allowing a player to try something different.

Removing all barriers to the movement of funds, TPG’s exclusive architecture allows players to fund the side bet directly while designed to take advantage of the most familiar and valued activity and technology on the slot floors — the pressing of the “bet” button. Players can opt into playing such side games and play them in parallel with every bet of the base game, creating new revenue opportunities for the casino.

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